My Life


My Life Charger (MLC) is a self-sustaining healing device, based on the principles of light-wave dynamics that underlies all of creation.



Naturally experience the amplification of your energy field



Where It Works

MLC interfaces with the life-force energy that is present in your body and effectively amplifies it. The most well-known energy centers in the body are the chakras and the three dantians from the Eastern healing traditions. It works on all these energy centers.

How It Works

By placing MLC on the lower dantian, or second chakra, you stimulate your body’s Chi, resulting in increased strength and stamina, and an awakening of the nervous system. My Life Charger will increase the efficiency of all of your mental and physical tasks.

How To Use

MLCs are sold in pairs, so they can be placed on the bottoms of your feet, energizing the entire body through the reflexology points.

Major benefits of the My Life Charger.

MLC can be placed anywhere on your body that is seeking more attention.
Just be sure the orientation is correct – horizontal on the body with the dot to the left side. Vertical on the feet with the dot on the left side closest to the heel. Play with the placement, but start with it centered in the middle of the foot.

In the six months observing this product in action, we have witnessed significant shifts in people’s health and emotional concerns. The energy appears to address exactly what they are intending it to do. It would be fair to say we have observed unprecedented neuromuscular response to mental and physical activities, especially sports. 


Naturally experience the amplification of your energy field

Notice your increased energy, both mental and physical

Experience significant stress relief & physical recovery

Enjoy the protection from all electronic interference

Experience an increase in your libido

Elevate your neuromuscular response to all activities especially athletics

Benefit from a magnificent detoxification tool with proper hydration

Enjoy more joint flexibility from reduced arthritic conditions.

Notice decreased inflammation and Edema

Weightlifters found they could lift more weight with less effort, instantly. Tennis and racket ball players reaction times, footwork and accuracy increased dynamically. A Lake Tahoe mountain biker said that he could push much easier through oxygen-debt with a lot more stamina.

Most report having more focus for their projects – being able to deal with more but remain relaxed and focused on what is needed in the moment.

The science behind My Life Charger

The science behind this intentionally designed tool is explained in a book written by Walter Russell called, The Genero-Radiative Concept or The Cyclic Theory of Continuous Motion, first published in 1926. Basically, when life, matter and creation comes into existence there is an innate polarity balance of light wave dynamics that creates a Genero-Active centripetal (inward spin) to create and grow what is being desired. My Life Charger amplifies and enhances this constant bias to the Genero-Active centripetal spin, and as a result, encourages a heightened level of human health.

Geometry in Motion refers to the energy created by this tool that solely comes from geometric images, and how they are uniquely combined together.

MLC comes with a 90-day money back guarantee and a three-year warranty against manufactures defects with normal use.

You can put it in any small pouch of your choice or just use it as is in the plastic bag.

Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before use.

Information about this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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